About Us offers simple, natural Ayurvedic solutions as well as practical lifestyle and dietary advice under professional supervision from treatment to recovery. With easy access to side-effect-free ayurvedic meds based on tried-and-tested formulas from the top pharmaceutical brands, we ensure a complete cure, from common minor piles symptoms to severe symptoms that are deemed incurable. In addition to medicines, we advise clients on how to live a naturally healthy lifestyle. Our portal will assist you with expert Ayurvedic doctors & health professionals.



Who we are

Our online consultation gateway is a power-packed team of motivated individuals and trained Ayurvedic physicians, including women doctors for ladies. By properly integrating technology & Ayurveda, we have picked drugs from the best pharmaceutical firms in Ayurveda that are effective and convenient for everyone. We at provide sustainability, efficacy, and competence in treating haemorrhoids using Ayurveda, a time-tested, pure, mild, and safe therapeutic approach. When you want healing advice, you can depend on us to be your ally.

Why Ayurveda

Ayurveda is now the greatest way to treat piles & related issues since it offers a diverse approach to achieving perfect health. Ayurveda focuses on offering remedies to all illnesses with unique solutions for healthy living. It addresses the core cause of piles with a low recurrence rate since it is the most effective, safest, cost-effective, and side-effect-free plant-based herbal treatment. Ayurveda is completely effective on haemorrhoids at all stages. With a herbal approach, Ayurveda emphasises everyday diet and lifestyle practices along with effective herbal medications.

Our Vission and Mission

Vission: To reach out to every Indian who is having anorectal problems at an affordable cost. We believe every human has the right to access easy and affordable health treatment hence we have come with a model that makes it easy to get treated.

Mission: is dedicated to the highest quality of online consultation, and Ayurvedic medicines delivered with authenticity, originality and pride. Our learning centre’s aim is to educate people on all aspects of haemorrhoids from root causes to treatment.

Why Choose Us


All medications are doctor-recommended. We only utilize top-brand medicines to guarantee the swift healing of our patients with a commitment of standard quality by maintaining a level of excellence capable of ensuring long-term efficacy.

Customized Piles Kit

The majority of medicines in the market are not as effective & are unable to address the underlying cause of the piles. Piles kit is uniquely curated with a herbal blend based on grading & severity that treats the pile’s symptoms effectively.

Reasonable Price

All medications on our website are exclusively sold at a fair and discounted price with environment-friendly packaging. Our customers are our company's most respected entity. We offer the finest value for their money.

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