Arshoghni Vati

Arshoghni vati is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine that assists with diminishing the size of the sprouted pile mass and to quit seeping or any form of anal bleeding if there should arise an occurrence of a bleeding type of hemorrhoids. It is normal and is useful in the treatment of both bleeding and non-bleeding type of piles.

Arshoghni Vati has Ayurvedic herbs that diminish uneasiness, bleeding during defecation, tingling and disturbance in the anorectal district. It decreases venous growth and the size of the pile mass protuberance.

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What is Arshoghni Vati

Arshoghni Vati contains various medicinal properties such as anti-hemorrhoid (agents used to treat piles), carminative (agents expel outgas from the stomach), blood purifier, anti-constipation, and hemostatic (agents that check bleedings).

Arshoghni Vati is an ayurvedic and herbal medicine. It is accessible in a tablet structure and it is to be taken orally. Vati is known as pills manufactured by diminishing the decoction of herbs used to a thick thickness and after that pouring a resin exudate for making a pill mass that is effective in arresting the bleeding and non-bleeding types of piles along with easy bowels, reducing chances of constipation.

What Are The Uses Of Arshoghni Vati

Arshoghni Vati shrinks pile mass, controls bleeding and heals inflamed skin and the mucus membrane. The nearby or local pain-relieving property of arshoghni vati guarantees torment-free fecal discharge and furthermore goes about as an antimicrobial and forestalls auxiliary microbial contaminations in the body. The drug offers symptomatic relief from its tridosha pacifying action and has the following medicinal uses:

  1. Anti-hemorrhoidal
  2. Blood purifier
  3. Carminative
  4. Anti-constipation
  5. Hemostatic (Check to bleed)

What are the Ingredients of Arshoghni Vati

The ingredients of arshoghni vati have astringent and styptic properties that are beneficial in treating piles and also accelerates wound healing by surface tissue regeneration. The composition of arshoghni vati includes;

Reference: SiddhaYogaSangraha, Arshodhikara

  1. Nimbaphala (Azadirachta indica)- 1 part
  2. Mahanimba (Melia azedarach)- 1 part
  3. Raktaniryas (Daemonorops Draco resin)- 1 part
  4. Kaharva Pishti (Trinkant Mani Pishti)- 2 parts
  5. Shuddha Rasoth or Daruhaldi (Berberis aristata)- 6 parts

What are the Health Benefits of Arshoghni Vati

The ingredients of arshoghni vati have a bitter & astringent type of rasa or taste along with cold potency, which has a general impact on tridosha. This analgesic, carminative and anti-inflammatory properties make it aid in improving digestive fire and also pacify the vitiated or imbalance Pitta and Kapha dosha responsible for constipation and piles. The Arshoghni Vati is used to treat mainly the probable causes of piles i.e

  1. Bleeding and non-bleeding piles or haemorrhoids: Regular use of Arshoghani Vati provides great benefit in piles disease as it helps to decrease the size of pile mass and to stop bleeding and there is no pain during a bowel movement.
  2. Treat constipation: Arshoghni vati along with Panchsakar powder can also be used along because Panchasakar Churna is very good purgative, which purifies the large intestine, and keeps the digestive institution absolutely healthy.

Dosage & How To Use?

Arshoghni Vati should be used in a dosage of 125-500 mg i.e. 1-2 tablets with an adjuvant as water or buttermilk twice a day before or after the meal or as prescribed by the doctor.

For instance:

  1. For piles: Take 1-2 tablets with buttermilk twice a day along with panchsakar churna for better results.
  2. For constipation: Take 1 tablet twice a day along with lukewarm water after the meals.

Potential Side Effects

Individuals with diabetes and hypertension must take this under the oversight of specialists. There are no such reactions of Arshoghni Vati as per research. Arshoghni Vati isn't suggested for pregnant and lactating ladies.


Can I take arshoghni vati along with allopathic medication?

On the off chance that the two drugs are controlled together, at that point converse with the specialist to take the meds in the correct manner. To start with, take allopathic medication and afterward in a hole of 30 minutes, take Ayurvedic medication.

How many days does it take to heal piles?

Arshoghni Vati is acceptable to treat hemorrhoids of both bleeding and non-bleeding types while in grades 1 and 2. Arshoghini Vati is most powerful for treating a bleeding type of hemorrhoids. It quits seeping inside 1 to 3 days of its normal use for 1-2 months or as exhorted by the doctor according to the seriousness of the haemorrhoidal condition.

What are the advantages of taking arshoghni vati in piles?

Blood falling in the hemorrhoids stops immediately with the use of this vati. It is also able to eliminate & dry up the hard sprouted pile masses. Arshoghni Vati should be used regularly for better results.

What are the side effects of arshoghni vati?

No side effects of Arshoghani Vati are commonly seen. But if it is consumed in an uncertain quantity or in an incorrect dosage, it can cause problems like stomach cramps and headaches. Therefore, this medicine should be used in the right proportion.

Can an overdose of Arshoghni Vati be taken to benefit early?

No. Arshoghni Vati should be taken only for a fixed amount of time. Contact your doctor for more information.

How many times a day can Arshoghni Vati be taken?

A single dose of Arshoghni Vati ranges from 125 mg to 250 mg. It is safe to take two doses a day or as advised by a physician.

What are research aspects w.r.t pile healing with arshoghni vati?

Various studies and research has been conducted to test the efficacy of the classical ayurvedic formulation i.e. arshoghni vati for treating grade 1 and 2 types of bleeding and non-bleeding hemorrhoids with a success rate of more than 80% and minimal to a few potential side effects.

Is there any requirement of a special diet to be followed along with the usage of arshoghni vati?

It is highly advised to eat more nourishments that are high in fiber content along with ayurvedic medications. Eating nourishments that are high in fiber can make stools gentler and simpler to pass and can help treat and forestall hemorrhoids. Drinking water and different fluids, for example, natural product squeezes and clear soups can help the fiber in eating routine work better.

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