Bolbaddha Ras

Bolbaddha Ras is a herbomineral Ras Aushadhi of Ayurveda, depicted in the Ayurvedic messages Ras Tantra Essence and Siddha Yoga Collection, which goes about as a hemostat in conditions of bleeding.

Bolbaddha Ras is a standout amongst other ayurvedic prescriptions that are utilized to fix various medical issues and help sustain, nourish and heal the body by the normal utilization of Bolbaddha Ras.

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Bolbaddha Ras: The Bleeding Solution

Bolbaddha ras is an Ayurvedic medication with natural and mineral fixings in tablet structure. The medical advantages of Bolbaddha Ras make it an ideal ayurvedic natural medication for bleeding hemorrhoids and menorrhagia.

Bolbaddha Ras is utilized for Bleeding related issues for Male and Female in various ailments like bleeding piles or hemorrhoids, menorrhagia or painful heavy menstrual bleeding and other bleeding condition painful menstrual bleeding, constipation, diabetes and other related bleeding disorders.

What are The Uses Of Bolbaddha Ras

Bolbaddha Ras helps to balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha with its hemostatic and astringent properties and contributes to the treatment of disease. Bolbaddha Ras is demonstrated mostly in those conditions that happen because of imbalance pitta, for example,

  1. Bleeding Piles
  2. Hematemesis (vomiting of blood)
  3. Epistaxis(nose bleed)
  4. Menorrhagia(abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation)
  5. Dysfunctional, Uterine Bleeding
  6. Hyperacidity
  7. Liver diseases and spleen diseases with pitta predominance
  8. Arthritic conditions like gout, painful and swollen joints

What are the Ingredients of Bolbaddha Ras

Bolbaddha ras, the astonishing ayurvedic medicine is prepared with natural herbs that are beneficial in curing health ailments and providing a healthy body. The major key ingredients present are;

  1. Purified Mercury/ Shuddha Parad
  2. Purified sulphur/ Shuddha Gandhak
  3. Giloy Satva
  4. Bol resin / Commiphora myrrha
  5. Shalmali bark extract/ Semal Bark Decoction

What are the Health Benefits of Bolbaddha Ras

There are various medical advantages of Bolbaddha Ras for the human body. It has a few therapeutic properties that help to fend off ailments and well-being sicknesses, for example

  1. Cures bleeding piles: In bleeding piles, there is too much blood with feces resulting in anemia and weakness gradually. BolBaddha ras with honey/ takra helps in stopping the bleeding piles & gives very good benefits.
  2. Bleeding disorder in women: Bleeding disorders in women like painful heavy menstrual bleeding, uterine dysfunctional bleeding etc if not treated at the right time, can result in infertility along with other complaints like loss of appetite, pain in the hands, feet, weakness etc. In such a situation, taking Bolbaddha ras is very beneficial.
  3. Helps prevent leukorrhea or white discharge: If a woman's uterus is weakened due to Vata outbreak or phlegm outbreak and has developed a problem of leucorrhoea, then Bolbaddha ras gives strength to the uterus and provides very good benefit in problems like leucorrhoea or white discharges.
  4. Cures blood vitiation related to Pitta: If the blood has become contaminated due to bile growth, resulting in complaints like the burning of hands or feet, burning sensation in the body, burning sensation in the urine, etc. In such a situation bolbaddha ras with honey gives very good benefits.
  5. Treat constipation & hyperacidity: Giloy acts as a laxative agent & increases the movement of the bowel is helpful in treating constipation and due to the presence of hypoglycemic action i,e, agents reduce blood sugar level, it is helpful in treating diabetes.
  6. Helps in diabetes: Bola has anti-diabetic action & also has the ability to treat irregular menstruation due to any abnormal menstruation activity.
  7. Helps enhance immunity: Guduchi Satva present in bolbaddha ras is a highly nourishing and immune booster. It is used to treat chronic fevers, bleeding disorders & also as a food supplement.

Dosage & How To Use

Consuming Bolbaddha ras provides very good benefits in the problems caused by blood disorders like blood coming from the vagina of women or blood coming from the anus or piles, bleeding from the nose or mouth, etc.

The standard dosage is 1-2 tablets (250-300mg) in the morning and evening along with butter or honey or as directed by the Physician.

Potential Side Effects

The dosage of the Bolbaddha ras tablets should be corrected according to age, strength, body constitution etc. as an overdose with medicine can cause many side effects including gastritis. Children below 8 years, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers are strictly restricted from the use of bolbaddha ras.


Should Bolbaddha Ras be taken on an empty stomach or before meals or after meals?

Generally, Bolbaddha Ras is taken only after meals. Every person has a need, so consult your doctor about the situation before taking the medication.

Is Bolbaddha Ras safe during the lactation period?

Make sure to ask the doctor about this and make the decision according to their advice.

What are the indications of Bolbaddha ras?

Bolbaddha ras is indicated for all age groups with complaints of bleeding disorders like piles, heavy menstruation etc. it is advised for children below 8 yrs, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers to consult a physician for the same before advocating the medication.

What is the standard dosage of Bolbaddha ras for curing constipation?

Bolbaddha ras with its healing laxative and astringent properties helps to increase the movement of the bowel that is helpful in treating constipation.

Is it suitable to consume bolbaddha ras with water only?

Yes, it can be taken with water also. The adjuvant of the medication helps in its easy absorption in the gut, hence it is advisable to take Bolbaddha ras either with honey or butter or as advised.

What are the side effects of Bolbaddha ras?

Bolbaddha is a natural mixture of Ayurveda herbs and minerals that have no to a few side effects like gastritis, belching etc, only if taken in overdose or without prescription if being pregnant or lactating.