Jatyadi Taila

Jatyadi oil has an extraordinary limit with regards to recuperating the wound. The use of this oil mends most sorts of wounds and injuries. Furthermore, it captures seeping blood with pus from them. All elements of this oil help in cleaning the blood, sanitizing the injuries and starting the recuperating procedure in the tissues.

Wounds brought about by creepy insect bites, butt-centric fistula and draining piles can be effectively treated by Jatyadi oil. Jatyadi oil is likewise utilized for outside application in herpes zoster contamination, burns and oral ulcers additionally recuperate quicker if Jatyadi oil is applied.

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What is Jatyadi Taila

Jatyadi Taila is an old-style classical Ayurvedic medication in oil form, generally indicated for its injury mending properties. It is utilized for speedy injury healing process in blisters, burns, sinuses, non-recuperating wounds, and so forth utilized for external local application.

Jatyadi taila is a herbal amalgam in the form of oil utilized for healing both bleeding and non-bleeding type of piles, crevices, fissure and is helpful for a wide range of intense and incessant injuries, sinus, chronic wounds, dry and wet skin inflammation, contact dermatitis. Jatyadi oil benefits open injuries, cuts, consumption, boil, dermatitis, rankles and non-recuperating wounds.

What Are The Uses Of Jatyadi Taila

All ingredients of jatyadi oil help in filtering the blood, sanitizing the injuries and starting the recuperating procedure in the tissues with its injury cleaning and mending properties that is useful in diminishing dryness and aggravation by the goodness of its sleek nature alongside wound healing and soothing activity.

  1. Excellent in healing wounds and injuries
  2. Jatyadi Taila is a speedy healer of wounds while shielding the injury from germs and also acts as an antiseptic and fungicidal oil.
  3. Controls bleeding
  4. Prevents infections
  5. Provides pain relief
  6. It is used for treating all skin problems with inflammation and redness such as Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, eczema, syphilis etc.
  7. The local application of jatyadi taila is prompted on non-recuperating wounds, sinus, rankles, boil, chomp wounds. It is applied to contaminated skin ailments and is also used to cure cracked heels and cracked nipples.

What are the Ingredients of Jatyadi Oil

Most of the ingredients utilized in the planning of Jatyadi Oil have unpleasant, astringent, dry and light characteristics. Sesame Oil goes about as a decent vehicle in bringing out the pharmacological activity and is prevalently utilized in the treatment of different skin wounds and is made up of concoction made with sesame oil and 10 gm each of the following herbs:

  • Jatipatra Leaves (Myristica fragrans)
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica)
  • Patol Leaves (Trichosanthes Dioica)
  • Karanja seeds (Pongamia Pinnata)
  • Karanja leaves (Pongamia Pinnata)
  • Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
  • Kuth or Kushta (Saussurea lappa)
  • Haldi (Curcuma longa)
  • Beeswax
  • Daruhaldi (Berberis aristata)
  • Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia)
  • Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa)
  • Padmaka (Prunus cerasoides)
  • Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa)
  • Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula)
  • Neel Kamal (Nymphaea stellata)
  • Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus)
  • Tuthya (Copper Sulphate)

What are the Health Benefits of Jatyadi Taila

Jatyadi taila speeds up wound recuperating procedures and results in fast recuperation from these illnesses and additionally diminishes tingling, irritation, itching and burning sensation in the sore area. Jatyadi Taila has been utilized by the Ayurveda practitioners from days for the treatment of:

  1. Soothing: Jatyadi taila helps in soothing the area, removing slough from the wound and ultimately reducing pain.
  2. Wounds: The injuries mend effectively in the wake of applying jatyadi oil locally. Apply it externally over the abscess, blisters, or any non-healing wound.
  3. Burns: Jatyadi oil is advised for minor burns due to fire or sunburn.
  4. Cuts & Boils: Apply gently over the affected part with a cotton swab for speedy wound-healing effect.
  5. Fungal skin infection
  6. Piles/Fistula/Fissure: You can apply Jatyadi oil in the rectum and around the anus. It reduces tingling, agony, inconvenience and aggravation caused because of sprouted pile mass in the anal area.
  7. It helps in the easy passage of the stool by alleviating swelling around the anus.

Dosage & How To Use Jatyadi Oil

Jatyadi oil is used for local application for its excellent wound cleaning and healing action:

  1. For boils and burns, apply gently in the affected area
  2. For anal abscess, apply Jatyadi taila in a gauze piece on the wound with ‘T’ bandage.
  3. In case of non-bleeding types of piles take clean cotton plunged into jatyadi oil and apply it on and around the anus.

Potential Side-effects Jatyadi Oil

Jatyadi oil has no side effects if used externally. If accidentally it is consumed orally, it can cause severe side effects, visit the doctor immediately. Pregnant ladies and lactating moms can securely utilize jatyadi oil for external application in piles, fissures, or any skin injury.


I am suffering from piles, can jatyadi tail be helpful for me?

Yes, absolutely. Apply jatyadi tail dipped in cotton swab on and around the anus with gloved hands before and after the bowel movement. You can also apply it after taking a bath and before going to bed at night for better results.

How long will it take jatyadi taila to show results?

Jatyadi taila due to its healing properties like antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiseptic action helps to heal the wound completely within 4 weeks.

For how long do I need to use jatyadi taila to heal the wound of piles?

Jatyadi taila is used as an antiseptic healer for the wound for a week to four, depending upon the severity of the wound.

Is there a need to follow any special diet while using this product?

It is suggested to avoid spicy, fried, dairy products and sweet items for the time being as they slow down the healing process.

I am on allopathic medicines. Can I use jatyadi taila?

Jatyadi taila is safe and secure for local use for healing piles, cuts, wounds, fistula or any skin infection along with allopathic medicines.

What is the research on the Jatyadi taila?

At different Ayurveda institutes of India more than 230 works have been reported in the management of piles and wound healing, carried out onJatyadi taila. The studies of Jatyadi Taila revealed that it is a combination of healing herbs like anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound cleaning which lends its amazing wound healing properties. The oil also acts as a soothing agent for the smooth evacuation of feces and prevents anal wounds.

Are there any side effects?

Till date, Jatyadi oil has been reported with side effects if used as a local application on the wound or affected part. If accidentally it is consumed orally, it can cause severe side effects, visit the doctor immediately. It is safe for all age groups including pregnant women and lactating mothers for local application in piles, fissures, or any skin injury.

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