Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu

Panchatikta Guggulu is an Ayurvedic ghee-based medication referenced in Chakradatta and Bhaishajya Ratnavali with regards to Kushtha Roga where it is likewise shown for musculoskeletal related disorders like osteoarthritis, gout etc also. The mystic ingredients in Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu have calming or anti-inflammatory, antidote, and antipruritic properties that dive deep into the tissues and keep the organs healthy and working consistently. This polyherbal blend is predominantly utilized for infections of bone, joints, muscles, and skin.

It is a healthy medication for the development of general well-being and improving the immune strength and helps in curing a number of skin conditions like skin allergies, acne, rashes, psoriasis etc. The composition of Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu acts upon bone, joints, muscles, skin, lymph organs, spine, digestive tract, anorectal tissue, blood and lungs routes.

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What is Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu

Panchatikta Guggulu Ghrita, otherwise called Guggulu Tiktaka ghrita, is an antiquated herbal ingredients formulation arranged from five severe bitter herbs in cow’s ghee that help fight contamination or infections, pacifies the tridoshas viz Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and aids in blood purification by removing the toxins accumulated in the blood vessels. This natural mix is explicitly curated to treat aggravation, drying and stifling of tissue of the skin, especially of the rectum. 

The composition of five unpleasant and bitter-tasting spices viz. Neem, Giloy, Kantkari, Patola and Vasa mixed in cow’s clarified butter or go-ghrita, shudha Guggul and numerous different aromatic and dietary herbs that show a helpful impact in an assortment of infections particularly ailments that happen because of toxications in the blood.

What are The Uses of Panchatikta Guggulu

  1. Antitoxin nature that helps to detoxify the body.
  2. Anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in soothing the burning or itching sensation.
  3. A potent blood purifier to curate the toxins accumulated in the walls of blood vessels and other organs.
  4. Hematinic actions help in increasing haemoglobin levels that have been reduced to severe blood loss from the blood while having any bleeding disorder like bleeding piles.
  5. Anti-rheumatic effects and anti-inflammatory actions.
  6. Shows neuroprotective and analgesic actions
  7. Adaptogen activity due to its incredible combination of herbs with tridosha pacifying property.
  8. Antitumor and anticancer activity.
  9. Anti-mutagenic
  10. Antiproliferative

What are the Ingredients of Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu

Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu boasts the goodness of mainly five bitter herbs as per the reference of Bhaishajya ratnavali classical texts viz. 

  1. Neem bark (Azadirachta Indica)
  2. Giloy stem (Tinospora Cordifolia)
  3. Kantkari (Solanum xanthocarpum )
  4. Patola leaves (Trichosanthes Dioica)
  5. Vasa root (Adhatoda Vasica)
  6. Cow’s Ghee

Other aromatic, dietary and medicinal ingredients include Patha, Vidanga, Suradaru Devadaru, Gajapippali, yavakshara, Sarji Kshara, shunthi, Haridra, mishriya, chavya, kushta, tejovati, Marica, vatsaka kutaja, yavani, agni chitrak, Rohini katuka, shudha bhallatak, Vacha, kannamula pippali, manjishtha, rasna, ativisha, vishani and shudha Guggulu.

What are the Health Benefits of Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu

This polyherbal panacea is utilized to treat a wide cluster of illnesses. Some noteworthy advantages of utilizing Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu are:

  1. Improves digestion: Eases the bowel movements by providing internal relation to the stomach lining and intestines and thus cures constipation issues.
  2. Diseases of the rectum: Anal abscess, fistula, fissure, piles are cured aby anti-inflammatory action of giloy, antibiotic action of neem and thus improving wound healing capacity along with immune power.
  3. Skin diseases: The tridoshic calming action of the five incredible bitter herbs helps to purify the blood and remove toxins, thus curing the skin ailments like psoriasis. 
  4. Wound healer: antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action of the herbs helps to heal the wounds effectively in no time.
  5. Musculoskeletal disorders: Sandhigata Vata (Osteoarthropathy), Asthigata Vata (Vata confined to bones), Majja Gata Vata (Bone marrow related disorder) are curable by the usage of panchatikta ghrita Guggulu.

Dosage & How To Use?

The recommended dose is a quarter-to-half teaspoon of the medicine to be taken with warm water or milk, usually before food, once or twice a day or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

  1. For skin ailments: take 6-10 gms 2-3 times a day with Mahamanjishthadi Kadha/ Khadirarishta/ lukewarm water or as advised by the physician.
  2. For piles and fistula in ano: Apply locally over the inflamed wound or pile mass twice daily after cleaning the affected area for wound healing purposes.

Potential Side Effects

No such results of having any type of side effects of utilizing this ghee based medication are yet revealed. In any case, due to its bitter taste and hot potency of the herbs included, it ought to be abstained from during pregnancy and lactation. Individuals with diabetes, elevated cholesterol, heart illnesses, and high BP should extract precautionary measures and are advised to take the medication only under expert guidance. An overdose of the drug may cause diarrhoea and indigestion.


What is the best time to take panchatikta ghrita Guggulu for maximum benefits to cure piles?

On an empty stomach in the morning & late afternoon or early evening. It is advised not to eat food 2 hours before and an hour after taking the medication for its better absorption and action.

How long does panchatikta ghrita Guggulu take to show results?

The continuous usage of Panchatikta ghrita Guggulu under the supervision of experts takes around a month to 3 months depending on the grading and severity of the disease to show results worth notifying.

Is it safe for children and if yes, what is the dose of that?

Panchatikta ghrita Guggulu is safe for children above 10 yrs of age with a dose of 1.5-6 gms to be taken empty stomach or as advised by the physician.

What is the standard dosage of using panchatikta ghrita Guggulu?

 The standard dosage for adults is 1 teaspoonful and for children above 10 yrs is ½ teaspoonful either with lukewarm milk or water twice a day or as directed by the physician

What are the contraindications of using Panchatikta ghrita Guggulu?

Panchatikta ghrita Guggulu is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactating mothers and children below 8-10 yrs of age group as it may cause side effects, so it is advised not to take this drug without doctor's advice.

What are research aspects of efficacy of panchatikta ghrita for anorectal diseases viz piles, fistula etc?

Various research-based portals like, have studies on the efficacy of the action of panchtikta ghrita Guggulu in the treatment of anorectal conditions like haemorrhoids or piles, fistula in ano, anal absences etc as it improves the wound healing speed by it anti-inflammatory and antibiotic action.

Do I need to follow any special dietary instructions while using panchatikta ghrita Guggulu?

As per the condition and severity for which the medicine is being advised, one needs to take care of dietary and lifestyle guidelines like avoiding spicy, fried food items, day-sleeping, avoiding any suppression of natural urges like urine or faeces or belching etc, avoid eating pitta aggravating food items. 

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