Swadishta Virechan Churna

Ayurvedic formulation Swadishta Virechana churna is named for its attractiveness for its sweet and pleasant tasting nature and accordingly can be devoured by all from youngsters to elderly individuals. It is known to be a powerful laxative in illnesses like hemorrhoids, help remove the aggregation of Ama or undigested harmful substance and is gentle to direct bowel movements relieving constipation issues.

Swadishta Virechan Churna is one of the ayurvedic medications utilized for mild to moderate degrees of constipation and detoxification purposes. It is also helpful in skin infections described by severe itching & tingling sensation, an overabundance of toxins in the body channels, headache issues due to acidity or abdominal gas formation or bloating.

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What is Swadishta Virechan Churna

Swadishta Virechan churna is a polyherbal Ayurvedic classical formulation based on traditional references from Rasatantra Sara & Siddha Sangraha Prayoga. This medication is, fortunately, one of the best side-effect-free natural herbal tolerable solutions for the primary causative factor of hemorrhoids viz constipation.

Swadishta Virechan Churna is a fair & balanced solution and can be utilized in general usage without paying more heed to the Dosha specific imbalance. It initially detoxifies Pitta and afterward delivers it out smoothly. It aids in purifying the excess load of toxins developed in the body and mitigates manifestations of skin illnesses or skin hypersensitivities.

What are the Uses Virechan Churna

Swadishta virechan churna is a certain shot equational formulation for diseases, such as mild to moderate constipation issues, stomach issues with pitta dosha predominance, hemorrhoids, skin itching & tingling conditions and a lot more with its following therapeutic activities:

  1. Mellow laxative: The sennosides in senna leaves bother the gut linings, restoring the bowel muscles functions, and actuate laxation thus helps to cure and manage constipation effectively. Other compositional herbs of Swadishta virechan churna helps to adjust & balance the impacts of sanay leaves.
  2. Blood purifier: Digesting the accumulated toxins with its diuretic & mild laxative activity it is broadly utilized in skin infections as one of its ingredient i.e. Shudha gandhak assumes an active part in lessening itching and burning sensation related skin conditions.
  3. Antibacterial and Antimicrobial action of Swadishta Virechan churna helps to fight the infectious conditions.
  4. Antipruritic: The composition of swadishta virechan churna is profoundly successful in relieving skin conditions such as scabies, itching with a burning sensation, pruritic conditions etc.

What are the Ingredients of Virechan Churna

  1. The ayurvedic compound formulation Swadishta virechana churna contains;
  2. Shuddha gandhak (Purified Sulphur)
  3. Saunf (Fennel Seeds) – Foeniculum Vulgare
  4. Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza Glabra
  5. Swarna Patri (Indian Senna) – Cassia Angustifolia leaves
  6. Misri (Sugar)

What are the Health Benefits of Virechan Churna

Swadishta virechan churna is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medication with side-effect free natural solution for health conditions such as:

  1. Hemorrhoids and Fissure of Anus: The laxative and anti-inflammatory action of this formulation help heal the burning sensation in the anal area by improving bowel movements and cleaning the blood vessels.
  2. Prolapse Ani: Swadishta virechan churna is effective in treating anal itching resulting in pus discharges from the affected part with its blood purifying and anti-bacterial action.
  3. Digestive conditions like mild to moderate constipation, abdominal pain due to pitta, hyperacidity, gastritis are well managed with regular usage of swadishta virechan churna.
  4. Skin diseases, having itching with a burning sensation, pruritis or severe itching of the skin, scabies etc. Shuddha Gandhak plays a role in reducing itching and burning sensations.

Dosage & How To Use?

The general dosage of Swadishta Virechan Churna is 3 to 6 grams per day and 1-3 gm or as per body weight for children above 6 yr of age group with lukewarm water at night just before sleep.

For hemorrhoids with a bleeding nature, take 3-6 gm with warm milk at night as it is beneficial in piles with regular practice.

Potential Side Effects

Swadishta Virechan Churna is likely safe for all age groups starting from children, adults, pregnant women and elderly patients. There are no potential side effects of this formulation if taken in the suggested dosage and it is most tolerable medicine. In rare cases, it might cause loose motion when used for detoxification purposes due to its mild laxative action after its use for the first time.


What are the potential side effects of swadishta virechan churna?

Swadishta virechan churna has no side effects if taken as the prescribed dosage. Overdose might lead to dysentery, nausea, vertigo and weakness of the body.

Could somebody with chronic constipation take virechan churna consistently?

It is suggested not to take Swadishta virechan churna consistently for more than a period of 2 months as it has senna spice which is a propensity shaping and habit forming herb.

What is the suggested dosage for children for curing constipation issues?

The general dosage of swadishta virechan churna for children above 6 yr of age is 50 to 100 mg per Kg weight or as prescribed by the physician.

What are the research aspects of swadishta virechan churna suggesting its efficacy for haemorrhoidal treatment?

Swadishta Virechan churna, an Ayurvedic polyherbal formulation has been well researched with its standardization parameters for its action in treating piles, constipation and detoxification due to safety and efficacy in it.

What are the health benefits of Swadishta virechan churna?

Swadishta virechan churna is highly effective in treating mild to moderate types of constipation, the primary cause of hemorrhoids and also effective in improving skiing conditions with itching like pruritus, scabies etc.

What are special do’s and don'ts to be taken care of while on swadishta virechan churna?

Swadishta virechan churna is the most tolerable medicine with a pleasant taste, thus palatable for all age groups. There are no strict regulations to be followed other than having a prescribed dosage of the medication.

Is it safe to take Swadishta churna along with allopathic medications?

Swadishta virechan churna is a safe and effective drug for the cure of piles and constipation. It is suggested to take it with a gap of 20-30 minutes between allopathic medication.

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