Is Kshara Treatment Safe?

Various anorectal diseases like hemorrhoids, fissure, fistula, anal abscesses etc can be treated permanently with minimal recurrence rate with the help of Ayurveda’s kshara therapy. Kshara therapy is an amended and standardized genre of an ancient Ayurvedic treatment protocol, originally described by Indian Ayurveda acharyas like Sushruta, Vagbhatta etc. Kshara is caustic alkali derived from a combination of various herbs that are applied on the sprouted pile mass or the sinus or fistula exhibiting chemical cauterization. Kshara treatment is considered superior to the surgical and other para-surgical properties with the potential to perform excision, incision, scrapping, thus destroying the unhealthy tissue with pacificatory action on all the doshas viz vata, pitta & kapha and promotes the healing process.

Kshara treatment is marked as a minimum invasive procedure with potential cauterization,  suitable and acceptable as compared with the prevalent modern methods in medical science with minimal to a few success rate. 

Kshara treatment can opt as a curative measure for anorectal conditions like piles, fistula etc with the following criteria;

  1. Kshara karma is effective in treating 3rd and 4th-degree piles as an immediate curative measure for all age groups.
  2. Kshara treatment is applied in all cases of the fistulous tract whether complete or incomplete with internal blind fistula or sinuses and Pilonidal sinuses. 
  3. Rectal prolapse can be cured permanently with kshara technique.
  4. Cases of anal warts, polyps or rectal polyps of any grade can be cured with kshara treatment.

Why Opt For Kshara Treatment For Anorectal Conditions?

Kshar Sutra is a time-tested, authentic Ayurvedic procedure that is completely safe and effective & requires No surgery, No hospitalization, well effective in common anorectal diseases like hemorrhoids, fistula, pilonidal sinus, polyps on anus or rectum etc. After proper personalized consultation and assessment of the body type or constitution, the herbal medications and kshara material is decided as per dosha vitiation that provides;

  1. Safe & long-term solution for hemorrhoids, fistula etc
  2. Customized kshara treatment protocol as per grading of the disease.
  3. Optimal healing with minimum chances of recurrence as the healing starts after debridement of unhealthy tissue from the root.
  4. No postoperative complications like narrowing of an anal opening, & hence routine regime can be resumed after 2-3 days of the treatment.
  5. Lifestyle modifications with healthy dietary changes can increase prognosis done by kshara treatment.

How The Kshara Works On Anorectal Conditions?

The caustic alkali or kshara causes a coagulation effect on anorectal diseases like the sprouted mass of pile or hemorrhoids and the tract of the fistula by following below mentioned step-wise action;

  1. Cauterization: The potential chemical cautery effect of the kshara removes the undesired sprouted mass and destroys the abnormal tissue by causing hemostasis in and around the affected region.
  2. Necrosis: The blood supply to the affected area or part is compromised resulting in necrosis or death of the unhealthy tissue followed by the fibrosis of the plexus.
  3. Adhesion: The binding of the subsequent mucosal & submucosal coating prevents the further dilation of the veins of the region & prevents relapse of regional mucosa.
  4. Cessation of bleeding: The sclerosing effect of the kshara helps to coagulate the oozing blood, thus no chance of bleeding during kshara application. 
  5. Septic effect: The chance of infection is minimal due to the sustained action of the antimicrobial property of kshara.

The approach of kshara or caustic alkali with a combination of other medicinal herbs for the treatment of anorectal conditions has proved to reduce the incidence of the complications to a negligible level & has become a boon to the patients.

What Are The Benefits Of Kshara Treatment?

The advent of Ayurveda kshara karma therapy has many advantages with minimal complications and thus is considered as a preferable method of treatment for the following reasons – 

  1. Safe & Affordable: This method is easy, safe, simple & does not require any special odds and ends also, it is considered a cost-effective treatment as compared to modern conservative surgeries with certain post-operative complications.
  1. Ambulatory Procedure: Kshara treatment can be conducted at OPD level with proper precautionary measures with no to a few requirements for any anesthesia. No need for hospitalization and patients can continue with their normal routine work, thus no impairment of patient’s social, psychological and economic status during the treatment. 
  1. Complete Recovery: The impaired continence after the anorectal disease treatment is for a short period of time which subsequently leads to complete recovery, during the follow-up period only. 
  1. No Relapse:  The chances of recurrence of haemorrhoidal disease after the treatment are only 2-4% which is practically nil with low corrosiveness, less pain & takes less hospitalization time as compared to other surgical procedures. 
  1. Friendly-for-all: More chances of success rate makes this treatment ideal for patients of old age or having respiratory or cardiovascular diseases and or otherwise unfit for surgery. 
  1. Minimal Side-effects: No to minimal systemic side effects are confronted with Kshar, although a short-lived infection with a local burning sensation, mild pain in the affected area along with itching might be observed, which rarely need medication.
  1. Easy Post-op Management: Any anorectal condition like hemorrhoids, fissure, fistula, abscess in the rectal area is curable with this procedure as it has no primary and reactionary hemorrhage that minimizes the chances of post-operative tissue damage and scarring thus allows the patient to perform his/her routine work from the next day of the treatment. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs requirements are quite less.
  1. Boon For Anorectal Condition: The combination of kshara karma, conservative treatment, diet restriction and lifestyle modification protocol over a  period is effective in the management of the disease as well as preventing recurrence on a long term basis.

Kshar therapy is an eccentric method for healing anorectal conditions as it offers an effective, ambulatory and safe alternative treatment with no chances of recurrence. Hence, the administration of Kshara therapy is a better option not only because it is cost-effective but also due to lesser postoperative complications.

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