Why Ayurvedic Medicines Best For Anorectal Diseases

Anorectal diseases are one of the group of lifestyle disorders that occur in the anal & rectum region. These are increasing at an alarming rate in our society but are somehow turned a blind eye due to busy schedules & western lifestyle. Factors like shyness, hesitation to get examined, unawareness etc result in late diagnosis of the ailments with many misconceptions.

The sprouting trend of artificial fast foods & cola culture, irregularity in food timing, improper diet, increased mental tension, lack of snooze-time and indiscrete outlook towards responding to natural urges such as suppression of defecation and urination coupled with a sedentary lifestyle muddles the digestive system, worsening the anorectal ailments like piles, fistula-in-ano, anal fissure etc. 

The anorectal disease is one such crucial group progressively increasing in the society mainly manifested due to multifold factors viz.  

A: Disturbed lifestyle regime

  1. Excess toileting and straining 
  2. The unhygienic regime and faulty habits of defecation
  3. Suppression of natural urges of flatus, defecation & urination
  4. Occupational factors like driving, prolonged standing, hectic job schedule, sitting on hard surfaces often etc.
  5. Lack of physical workout, excessive coitus and anal sex.

B: Improper & irregular diet intake

  1. Intake of diet in hurry, worry and curry way
  2. Intake of fast, spicy and packed food i.e. lack of a fibrous diet
  3. Intake of excess non-vegetarian food
  4. Irregular diet habits with the amount of diet, eating a meal before digestion of the previous one.
  5. Eating dietetic incompatible food items, vata vitiating food, or any foreign particle.

C: Systemic disease factors

  1. Due to passing hard stools, prolonged constipation, chronic diarrhea
  2. Diabetes, liver disorders etc.
  3. Indigestion, digestive gastro-enteritis, food poisoning

All these causative factors result in derangement of digestive fire strength leading to vitiation of Tridosha,  mainly Vata  Dosha that gets localized in the anal region which further vitiates surrounding musculature, adipose content leading to the gastrointestinal tract disorders.

Management Approach For Anorectal Diseases

Anorectal diseases range from simple irritation & itching including pruritus ani, skin tags, anal warts, hemorrhoids, fissure,  fistula, and chronic anorectal sepsis, to potentially life-threatening tumors, anorectal polyps and rectal or anal carcinoma. Although even a milder form of anorectal ailments produces great discomfort as the perianal skin is one of the most pain-sensitive regions in the body due to rich nerve endings & the symptoms are utterly embarrassing to the patient due to its location, the foremost reason for being neglected for treatment aspects.

Munching food lacking fiber content, faulty food regime, kinky body posture, delivery with complications, frequent abortion, psychological variants and any type of physical trauma to the anal area are some important factors highlighted in Ayurveda classics for the manifestation of anorectal ailments.

Both modern and Ayurveda have various treatment modalities available for each of these conditions, designed in order to achieve minimal complications and recurrence of the disease. As it is well known that recurrence of anorectal ailments is common. In contemporary medical science, many techniques like local entity and either local or surgical intervention are elucidated for the management of anorectal diseases but after some time of surgical approach, there is a great probability of the reappearance of the disease.

Ayurveda has immense capability to cure many challenging and unresolved diseases of the medical world. Ayurveda considers anorectal diseases like piles, fissure as a systemic diseases so while evaluating the treatment, the improvement of digestive fire with the tailor-made approach with the four-fold protocol of Anorectal management according to chronicity and presentation of the disease is considered viz. 

  1. Bheshaja: Preventive approach with herbs & Ayurveda formulations
  2. Kshar Karma: Cauterization with caustic alkali
  3. Agnikarma: Thermal heat cauterization
  4. Shastra Karma: Surgical approach

 Among these, Bheshaj Chikitsa and Kshar Karmas show amazing results in the management of gastro-enteric diseases with zero to minimal chances of recurrence. 

Why Is Ayurveda Approach For Anorectal Disease Is Best?

With modern medical science technology, anorectal diseases reverse after 3-4 year intervals along with many complications. While Ayurveda deals with both prevention and management of Anorectal diseases & provides an effective treatment approach with benefits like;

  1. Simple, safe & sure treatment
  2. No side-effects & complications
  3. No to minimal recurrence rate
  4. Very economic & budget-friendly
  5. The very high success rate
  6. Day-care surgery
  7. Useful in all age groups & even cardiac patients

The natural evolution of anorectal diseases is benign that has a tendency to get worse over time. The ayurvedic approach to treating the anorectal condition is a mix of physical exercise, a regular ayurvedic colon cleansing with certain lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations, herbal supplements and Ayurveda medications primarily focused on improving the patient’s digestive health and bowel movements.

  1. Dietary & lifestyle Recommendations: The ayurvedic approach emphasizes on moderating diet permanently for effective treatment. Acharya Charak says that consuming an improper diet in an improper way is the main cause of disease. Some basic lifestyle changes like hot sitz bath with the inclusion of regular exercise & yoga with regular colon cleansing with Ayurveda herbs & Basti kriyas (water enema therapy).
  1. Ayurvedic Medications: Ayurveda has promising ayurvedic medicine for anorectal diseases such as Arshoghani Vati, Abhayarishta, Arshhara Gutika, Kankayan Vati, etc that act directly on the inflamed blood vessels, thereby reducing both the pain and the inflammations in the affected area.
  1. Kshara-karma Therapy: The constituent herbs of the kshara karma formulations exhibit a different mode of action at the same time at the affected site like a curator, healer, anti-inflammatory etc. with its versatile & easily approachable quality. This is a minimal invasive para-surgical procedure that helps to dry & shed off the vitiated tissue with its qualities like excision and scarification and not only ameliorates the disease symptom but also destroys their root cause.
  1. Kshara-Sutra Therapy: Kshara sutra is one of the best treatments described for various ano-rectal conditions like hemorrhoids, fistula in-ano, sinuses, benign growth etc. The procedure complications are very less with a minimal rate of recurrence and without any injury to the anal opening.

The selection for the right possibility of treatment for anorectal diseases is very crucial in order to avoid complications and recurrence. Peeking at treatment choices described by Ayurveda as well as modern science, it is presumed that many of the principles for the treatment of  Anorectal diseases like piles, fissures, and fistula are the same. But considering, removing the basic causative factor or breaking the cycle of pathophysiology, Ayurveda has manifested more reliable options to achieve a complete cure with a holistic approach.

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