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Thank you for service

Product is good

Ameroid tab along with ameroid ointment/

Nice product and ointment




Zandu Jatyadi Oil | 50 ML
Aditya Kulkarni
Useful in fissure pain.

It lubricates and helpful in stool passing. I feel relaxed now.

Helpful in my piles problem.

Helpful in Piles

I have been taking this medicine for fifteen days and I am now feeling very good. It helped me with pain.

I got releif now

Good service


Achi service hai bas ummeed karta hu promotion call na aaye

Thank you so much sir for the review. We assure you that we do not make promotional calls.

Baidyanath Jatyadi Tel | 50ML

Thank You.

very happy for your service

very happy with your service

Thank you so much sir.

Really helpful thing for patient

This is the thing that help patient a lot to heal fast. I have tried different applicator but it always gives you heal with pain. But, this is smooth due to rubber material and safe,too.

Thank you. Hope this is useful to you.

Baidyanath Jatyadi Tel
Shweta Agarwal

Baidyanath Jatyadi Tel

Awesome oil&packaging could be better

Oil is far better than other expensive brand, after used 1 days my Pain and Burning, itching are being reduced. Thanks baidyanath

Thank you for your feedback. We will are taking this seriously and we will work to improve our services.

Satisfactory on Piles

I recently tried Amroid Tablets for my piles problem, and I must say I am impressed with the results. The tablets helped me stop the bleeding and itching, and I noticed a significant improvement in my condition within a short time. The shipping was also quick and hassle-free. Overall, I would highly recommend Amroid Tablets to anyone suffering from piles.

Catheter and Syringe (Insert Jatyadi Oil)

Very Satisfactory

I found him competent and one who listens to you carefully before prescribing medicines. My problems have largely reduced in 2 weeks of medication itself.

Baidyanath Arshoghni Bati | 40 Tablets

Dhootapapeshwar Raktastambhak Tablet | 60 Tablets
Peeke Yadav
Good in Bleeding Piles

Very good in bleeding piles. Helped me stopping in my bleeding problem

Dhootapapeshwar Arsha Hita Piles Ointment | 30g
Vyshnavi K
Very effective

It is very thick and oily, very effective in treating piles. Have more water n fiber in the food to spped up the recovery.

best ayurvedic medicine . very effective .

Give me fast delivery

Very Satisfying Results

I have been using this cream for some time now. Hadensa cream helped me with pain reliefe and it stopped bleeding. Now my piles mass has shrinked as well.

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