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A sovereign ayurvedic remedy, Baidyanath Abhayarishta is a natural laxative containing dietary fibers, with anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties that soothe the inflamed soft tissues in the intestine and facilitates bowel movements, thereby allowing smooth fecal passage. Acts as a powerful digestive stimulant that helps to eliminate abdominal gas and bloating & holds high significance in treating gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, diarrhea, piles, fissure and acidity. Made from herbal extracts of organically cultivated Ayurvedic herbs, free from artificial additives, this complete Ayurvedic treatment for piles is available online.

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Abhayarishtam is a magical self-fermented potent ayurvedic syrup used as a complete solution for treating a myriad of ailments including piles, constipation, and other common digestive issues. Reduces lethargy caused by loss of blood through bleeding piles and provides relief within a week followed by regular use along with strict dietary regulations. Acts as a herbal iron supplement, and powerful laxative, the syrup is safe to use with no side effects for preventing and treating piles.  By resorting to an Ayurvedic supplement like Abhayarishta, the cure for piles is easy.


Baidyanath Abhyaristam is the all-in-one remedy to counter digestive issues with the following health benefit;

  1. Treats constipation: Helpful in constipation with its natural laxative action and abundant dietary fibers, improving peristalsis movement of the intestines.
  2. Aids in detoxification: Improves the strength of the intestines and promotes the cleansing of the colon.
  3. Improves gut health: Increases production of liver and stomach enzymes thus keeping the digestive system on track.
  4. Helps in flushing out fat depositions in hepatic tissues. This eases the release of wastes through the intestines.
  5. Cures anorectal issues: The natural blood purifier action regresses the fistula and haemorrhoidal mass growth.
  6. Heal’s anal fissure: Maintains excess fat content in the stools and prevents them from sticking to the intestinal walls and thereby allowing easy bowel movement.
  7. Treats piles: The carminative nature of the syrup promotes the secretion of the digestive juices and thereby increases the absorption of essential nutrients through the intestines and improves piles.


  • Haritki
  • Draksha
  • Vidang
  • Dhaifool
  • Dhania
  • Saunf
  • Soanth
  • Gokshura
  • Indra varuni
  • Cavya
  • Danti
  • Mochras
  • Nishoth


Abhayarishta is a healthful digestive toner and potent Ayurveda supplement that works effectively to treat digestive and anorectal conditions when taken as suggested;

  1. To get relief from constipation, take 12-30 ml abhayarishta syrup (as per calculated dose) mixed with ½ tsp cow’s ghee, ½ cup milk, 2-3 drops of almond oil and diluted with an equal quantity of water. Take this mixture regularly around 30 minutes before having the meal to get maximum benefits within 2 weeks.
  2. To cure sticky mucus containing stools, take Abhayarishta diluted with lukewarm water after meals preferably in the evening hours.
  3. Take the Ayurvedic supplement Triphala Guggulu, along with a suggested dose of Abhayarishta syrup diluted with an equal quantity of water to relieve symptoms of painful hemorrhoids. Try not to eat anything subsequent to taking this around evening time.
  4. To improve immunity and wound healing capacity of the piles or fissure, take Abhayarishta mixed with equal quantities of lukewarm water and 1 tsp of cow’s ghee regularly. You may also take it early in the morning when you wake up.

Dosage: The minimum effective dose may vary between 12-30 ml diluted with an equal quantity of water once or twice a day, preferably after having a meal. The standard dosage as per digestive strength and severity of the piles is;

  • For Adults: 30 ml/day in divided doses and diluted with lukewarm water
  • For Children: 0.5 ml-15 ml according to age and body.

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