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The most frequent Ayurvedic preparation for constipation cure is Triphala Churna. Baidyanath Triphala churna gently cleanses the colon and treats constipation, flatulence, and bloating. This is owing to the powder’s moderate laxative function, which is a mix of three fruits: haritaki, bibhitaki, and amla. The combined action of these three herbs has the ability to detoxify and rejuvenate the body in a unique way. The combination of the three mighty dried fruits is particularly effective in preventing stomach disorders, stimulating digestion, improving piles and fissures, increasing vision, enhancing hair and skin, decreasing fat, and a variety of other things.

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Baidyanath Triphala churna has been reported to help stimulate our immune systems, improve digestion, relieve constipation, and relieve gas while cleansing our gastrointestinal tracts. Triphala aids in the treatment of liver issues. According to Ayurveda, the liver is closely related to Agni (digestive fire) and Pitta dosha. Triphala is a well-known and effective treatment for piles, whether bleeding or non-bleeding, internal or external. The herbal medication is a very efficient therapy for constipation and provides significant relief for piles.

Benefits & Uses

Baidyanath Triphala churna has antibacterial, immunomodulator, and wound healing properties, used for the following health benefits;

  1. Constipation relief: Triphala’s mild laxative and Vata balancing properties help to alleviate constipation.
  2. Heals piles: Aid in healing piles by softening the stool which makes it easy to pass through the anus, thus not irritating the veins around.
  3. Natural laxative: Triphala acts as a natural laxative with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and gives flexibility to the blood vessels of the anus and lower rectum further improving the blood circulation in the anal region.
  4. Aids in detoxification: Triphala is effective at detoxifying the body and eliminating harmful toxins because of its antioxidant content.
  5. Boosts immunity: The goodness of three magical fruits is a potent combination for increasing immunity and protecting the body from infections.


  • Amla
  • Bahera
  • Haritki

How To Use & Dosage

Baidyanath Triphala churna can be used in the following disorders in a specific dosage for instant relief;

  1. Take ½- 2 tsp of Triphala churna with lukewarm water preferably at bedtime to get rid of constipation.
  2. To improve immunity, take ½ – 2 tsp Triphala Powder with honey in the morning after a light meal.
  3. Take 3 to 6 gms of Triphala churna with a glass of warm milk before going to bed to improve prolonged complaints of digestive health with hard stools and piles.


The standard dosage of Baidyanath Triphala churna is 5-10 gm at bedtime with lukewarm water or as suggested by the physician.

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