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Baidyanath Triphala Guggulu is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation containing Triphala (Haritaki, Bibithaki, Amalaki) as the principal component that cleanses the intestines and is an alternative due to its toxin-cleaning effects that helps to scrape the channels and clearing the toxins out of the system. Triphala Guggulu is effective in treating both non-bleeding and bleeding types of piles. It has a carminative effect, calms the stomach lining and flushes out toxins from the liver. Allows for easier excretion by loosening the feces.

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Baidyanath Triphala Guggulu by virtue of its anti-inflammatory and laxative properties is one of the finest herbal mixtures for reducing swelling, healing sinuses and fistulas, and preventing hard stool formation along with reduction of the pile mass. This amazing Ayurvedic Rasayana works on piles, fistulas, obesity, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections effectively. Triphala with its soothing action on the inflamed mucus layer of the rectum and Guggulu with its anti-inflammatory action aid in healing the inflammation of the wound as in piles and also help to shrink the pile mass with easy bowel evacuation.

Benefits & Uses

Baidyanath Triphala Guggulu has antibacterial, analgesic immunomodulator, and wound healing properties, used for the following health benefits;

  1. Improves heart health: Strengthens heart walls by reducing cholesterol levels & edema in any part of the body.
  2. Improves digestion: Removes deep-seated toxins by stimulating the digestive fire that enables to metabolise of nutrients efficiently & improving long-term constipation, hence useful in treating piles, and fistula-in-ano.
  3. Wound healing: Due to its antimicrobial action and natural antibiotic cover, eradicates the infection effectively in abscess or fistula wounds.
  4. Aids in boosting immunity: Treats allergic signs, repetitive cold and Kapha-imbalance disorders by enhancing immune power.
  5. Pain-relieving action: Analgesic property makes it effective in treating rheumatoid and osteoarthritis pain and discomfort.
  6. Blood purifying action: Improves liver health by detoxification action, and thus acts as a blood purifier.


  1. Haritaki
  2. Baheda
  3. Amla
  4. Pippal
  5. Guggulu

How To Use & Dosage

Baidyanath Triphala Guggulu can be used in the following disorders in a specific dosage for instant relief;

  1. Take 2 tablets twice a day with decoction of Triphala powder preferably after meals to heal piles of both bleeding and non-bleeding types.
  2. Take 2 tablets of Triphala Guggulu with lukewarm water twice a day after meals to improve digestive issues like constipation, bloating, etc.

*For children, take 1 tablet twice a day and for adults 2-3 tablets twice a day with plain water after meals as the recommended dosage.


The dosage of the Triphala Guggulu varies from person to person and the concerned health condition. The standard dosage of Baidyanath Triphala Guggulu is 2-4 tablets after meals with lukewarm water or as suggested by the physician.

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80 Tablets

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