Dabur Triphala Churna | 120g

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Dabur Triphala Churna is the most common ayurvedic treatment for constipation. Triphala cleanses the intestines gently, cures digestive issues like constipation, piles and is an amazing immunity booster. The powder is a mixture of three fruits: haritaki, bibhitaki and amla. The combined effect of these three herbs is capable of uniquely detoxifying and rejuvenating the body and helps avoid stomach disturbances, stimulates digestion, improves piles and better eyesight, improves hair & skin, and many more.

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Triphala churna has been claimed for helping to increase our immune systems, enhance gastrointestinal cleansing, alleviate constipation and reduce gas. Triphala helps with liver problems. According to Ayurveda, digestive fire and Pitta dosha are intimately connected to the liver. Triphala is a panacea combination recognized with efficient therapy to treat all disorders with vata-pitta-kapha imbalance, whether internal or external, for bleeding or non-bleeding piles.

Benefits & Uses

Dabur Triphala Churna is used for the following medical purposes:

  1. Improves immunity with its three miraculous fruits’ therapeutic goodness, a powerful combination to boost immunity.
  2. Relief of constipation with its moderate laxative effects and Vata balance assist to reduce constipation.
  3. Aids in detoxification because of its antioxidant content and eliminates harmful pollutants.
  4. Helps to improve piles by softening the stool which makes it simple to go through the anus, not irritating the veins.
  5. Natural laxative action, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory help improve blood circulation in the anal area.


  1. Amla
  2. Haritaki
  3. Bibhitaka

How To Use & Dosage

For instant relief in a particular dose, Triphala churna may be utilized in the following diseases;

  1. Take 1⁄2- 2 tsp Triphala Churna with lukewarm water after dinner to get rid of constipation.
  2. Take Triphala powder with honey in the morning after a light breakfast in order to boost immunity.
  3. Take 3 to 6 gms with a glass of hot milk of Triphala churna to bed to treat piles.
  4. Take a spoonful of churna three times a day in warm water.


Dabur Triphala Churna’s usual dosage is 5-10 gm at bedtime with tepid water, or as advised by the doctor.

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