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Nagarjun Jatyadi Tailam is a fine Ayurvedic herbal oil that has rapidly been appreciated in India for its expeditious and dependable effects on skin boils, blisters, and comparable conditions. It turns into an absolute necessity when we are taking care of bleeding and non-bleeding piles, fistula, illnesses, wounds, or injuries of any sort. Jatyadi taila has antiseptic properties that lessen the spread of microorganisms, enabling it to be used as a topically applied ointment externally for the purpose of wound recuperation. This Ayurvedic oil is cooling as well as healing on the back-end which makes this swiftly developing oil essential under expert advice in most cases.

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Nagarjun Jatyadi Tailam is a strong Ayurvedic wound healing medication that helps alleviate pain, bleeding & burning piles, anal fissures, and reduces piles bulk by cleansing and eliminating accumulated toxins. When applied topically before and after bowel motions, it relieves constipation and functions as a stool softener. All of the herbal components in this oil aid in blood cleaning, disinfecting injuries and initiating the healing process in the tissues.

Health Benefits & Uses

Nagarjun Jatyadi tailam aids in the quick healing of wounds thanks to its restorative and mending properties, resulting in the following health benefits:

  1. Excellent for the healing of wounds and injuries.
  2. Effectively treat cracked heels, fissures, external pile, and fistulas when used on a daily basis.
  3. Calm and soothe the afflicted area, remove slough from the wound, and reduce inflammation to relieve discomfort.
  4. Topical use to non-healing wounds, such as nasal, painful, and insect bite wounds, speeds up the healing process.
  5. Treat hand, foot, and mouth disease, eczema, syphilis, and other skin diseases.


  1. Til Tail
  2. Jatipatra
  3. Nimb
  4. Patola
  5. Karanj
  6. Moma
  7. Yashthimadhu
  8. Kuth
  9. Haridra
  10. Daruharidra
  11. Katuki
  12. Manjistha
  13. Padmakastha
  14. Lodhra
  15. Haritaki
  16. Nil kamal
  17. Tutthiya
  18. Sariva
  19. Karanj
  20. Jal

How to Use & Dosage

Nagarjun Jatayadi Tailam can be used safely by pregnant, nursing, or lactating mothers for local treatment of piles, fissures, or any exterior skin injury.

  1. After properly cleaning the region with antiseptic soap, apply jatyadi taila to the rectum and surrounding the anus with a clean cotton swab to reduce itching, pain, discomfort, and skin sores caused by pile mass for about 15 minutes, twice daily after defecation.
  2. Externally, apply jatayadi taila to the swollen or irritated area caused by the pile mass surrounding the anal region.
  3. For boils and burns, apply a little amount to the affected area.
  4. Before and after bowel motions, use a clean cotton swab soaked in jatyadi taila around the anal region.

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