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Patanjali Triphala Guggulu is a wonderful Ayurvedic combination that has shown to be effective in treating the swelling and inflammation along with helping to eliminate hard stools in those with difficult-to-pass stool when coupled with its laxative properties. Those suffering from urinary tract infections (UTI) and kidney stones will also notice a healthy decrease through taking this Rasayana. Along with its soothing action on the irritated rectum, Triphala Guggulu aids in healing inflammation as it aids in shrinking the mass of an inflamed pile and helps one pass stool more easily.

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Patanjali Triphala Guggulu is an Ayurvedic herbal tablet that contains the ingredients of Triphala, which are Haritaki, Bibithaki and Amalaki along with Guggulu. This product cleanses the intestines by working to scrape the channels while also clearing toxins in and around the system for the healthier elimination of waste via bowel movements. The carminative effects calm the stomach lining while cleansing the liver so that toxic waste can be excreted easier.

Benefits & Uses

Patanjali Triphala Guggulu has following health benefits;

  • Improves liver health by detoxifying it and serving as a blood cleanser.
  • It improves fat metabolism, making it an excellent medication for losing abdominal fat.
  • Because of its antibacterial and antibiotic activity, it can help to eliminate the infection in abscess or fistula wounds.
  • Improves digestion by boosting nutrition metabolism and rekindling digestive fire activity.
  • Reduce bad cholesterol to strengthen the heart’s walls.
    By boosting immunological capacity, helps to enhance immunity and treats
  • Kapha-imbalance illnesses.
  • Because of its analgesic effects, it can be used to alleviate arthritic pain and discomfort.


  1. Harad
  2. Baheda
  3. Amla
  4. Shuddha Guggulu

How To Use & Dosage

Patanjali Triphala Guggulu can be taken in a specific dosage to treat the following ailments for instant relief:

  1. To attain weight loss goals, take one tablet each of Triphala Guggulu with Arogyavardhini vati twice a day with lukewarm water after meals.
  2. Take 2 Triphala Guggulu pills with lukewarm water twice a day after meals to stimulate digestion and metabolism.
  3. Take 2 tablets twice a day with Triphala powder, ideally after meals, to treat both bleeding and non-bleeding piles.


Triphala Guggulu standard dosage is 2-4 tablets with lukewarm water after meals, or as prescribed by a physician. Triphala Guggulu dose is determined by the individual’s bodily constitution and the health scenario.

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