Patanjali Divya Kaishore Guggul | 80 Tablets


Patanjali Kaishore Guggulu improves the body’s ability to remove wastes from tissues, cells, and blood. This Ayurvedic proprietary medication is a blend of herbs that have been proved to help with digestion and evacuation. It promotes normal healthy blood flow throughout the body and helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular function, promotes the liver’s proper function, which aids in the digestion of proteins, lipids, carbs, and vitamins, as well as the elimination of their metabolites from the body. Furthermore, it brings harmony to all system processes which contribute to general physical health.

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Kaishore Guggulu tablets are proven to fight infections such as skin inflammation, relieve pain and reduce blood glucose levels. It has a positive impact on the immune system by ensuring that dermatitis or skin inflammation does not pose any threat to your body in any way. Patanjali Kaishore Guggulu also helps control cholesterol levels while improving digestion and appetite. The product is well-known for removing toxins from the body and accelerating the removal of uric acid and its salts.

Benefits & Uses

  1. Kaishore Guggulu is a new herbal combination that promotes health and may also be used in inflammatory circumstances, with the following health advantages.
  2. Increases natural wound treatment even for those with diabetes.
  3. Treat many problems including joints and skin.
  4. Inflammatory arthritis cures
  5. Help keep the metabolism healthy
  6. Treats Pitta and Vata dosha diseases of different sorts
  7. Cures anemia from the bleeding kind of piles
  8. Decreases the overall uric acid content in the body.
  9. Destined for wounds, leprosy, bolts, fistula, sciatica, etc.


  1. Triphala
  2. Giloy
  3. Shuddha guggulu
  4. Trikatu
  5. Vayavidanga
  6. Nishoth
  7. Danti

How to Use & Dosage

The most astonishing element of Kaishore Guggulu’s use is that it does not make one ward resemble the other.

  1. Take the Kaishore Guggulu pill with warm milk to reduce the pile mass size.
  2. Take 1-2 pills twice a day with warm milk after meals to cure elevated inflammatory uric acid or gout.
  3. Take one pill once a day after meals with warm water or warm milk to treat anemia caused by bleeding piles.


The recommended dosage is 1-2 pills twice a day with water after meals, or as prescribed by your doctor.

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