Trrust P-6 Piles Capsules

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Trrust P-6 Piles Capsules work by targeting the root causes of piles. They reduce inflammation, strengthen blood vessels, and alleviate discomfort. By improving blood flow and reducing pressure, the capsules help in shrinking the piles, leading to a faster recovery. It provides relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids, including rectal bleeding, pain, and itching, while also addressing chronic constipation. Its local analgesic property eases pain and ensures comfortable bowel movements. Additionally, it acts as an antimicrobial agent, protecting the body from secondary infections caused by microbes.

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Trrust P-6 Piles Capsules are a revolutionary medicine designed to provide effective relief from piles, commonly known as hemorrhoids. Carefully formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, these capsules offer a holistic approach to managing this uncomfortable condition. It contains ingredients like Retha, Neem Giri, Trifla, Guggal (shudh), Mochrasa, Shankha bhasam, Phitkari (Shudh) and Rason.

The fast-acting Trrust P-6 Piles Capsules formula is designed to manage protruding hemorrhoids accompanied by swelling and burning sensations effectively. It relieves bleeding hemorrhoids characterized by dark, thick, and clotted blood. Additionally, the formula aids in conditioning hemorrhoids associated with chronic constipation and a tendency to prolapse.

Uses & Benefits

Trrust P-6 Piles Capsules aid in the following health benefits:

  1. Relief from Protruding Hemorrhoids: The capsules help manage protruding hemorrhoids, alleviating discomfort and swelling.
  2. Alleviation of Burning Pains: Trrust P-6 piles capsules provide relief from the burning sensations associated with hemorrhoids. Relieves pain, itching, and discomfort associated with piles.
  3. Management of Bleeding Piles: The capsules are effective in relieving bleeding hemorrhoids characterized by dark, thick, and clotted blood. Promotes overall rectal health and optimal circulation.
  4. Conditioning of Hemorrhoids with Chronic Constipation: Trrust P-6 aids in conditioning hemorrhoids caused by chronic constipation, promoting rectal health. Strengthens blood vessels to prevent future flare-ups.
  5. Prevention of Prolapse: The capsules help reduce the likelihood of hemorrhoids prolapsing.
  6. Alleviating post-delivery piles: Effectively reduces inflammation and swelling for enhanced comfort, hemorrhoid bleeding, and itching discomfort.
    Improves blood purification: These capsules support the purification of blood, enhancing overall health.
  7. Improves digestive health: Stimulates bowel health and digestive functions, promoting a balanced digestive system. Strengthens the Immune System.

How to Use & Dosages

Maintain a regular dosage routine for optimal results.

Follow the recommended course as advised by your healthcare professional. Complete the prescribed duration for best outcomes.


  • Adults should take 1 capsule orally, twice a day with cold milk/water after meal or as directed by the physician.
  • It is essential to maintain a consistent dosage routine for optimal results.
  • Do not discontinue the capsules abruptly; complete the prescribed duration for best outcomes.

Trrust P-6 Piles Capsules give comprehensive support for people suffering from hemorrhoids and other discomforts. Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any drug.

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