Trrust P-6 Piles Ointment

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Trrust P-6 Piles Ointment, a trusted Ayurvedic solution is carefully crafted using natural ingredients like Retha, Neem Giri, Trifla, Guggal (shudh), Mochrasa, Shankha Bhasam, Phitkari and many more. This ointment offers targeted relief by addressing the root causes of piles. Its unique formulation, enriched with time-tested herbs, promotes gentle healing and soothing comfort.

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Trrust P-6 Piles Ointment effectively reduces pile mass size, inflammation, itching, and pain associated with piles. It supports the strengthening of blood vessels and aids in promoting healthy bowel movements, helping to alleviate the symptoms of piles. With its non-greasy texture and easy application, this ointment provides a hassle-free solution for managing piles discomfort.

Trrust P-6 Piles Ointment – your natural remedy for piles discomfort. Trrust P-6 Ointment strengthens blood vessels, lessening discomfort. It also aids in smoother bowel movements, reducing strain and promoting healing. Harnessing the power of healing herbs, this ointment soothes irritation, fights inflammation, and supports tissue repair. A synergistic blend addressing piles’ root causes.

Health Benefits

Usage: Simple and hassle-free!

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Clean the affected area gently.
  3. Apply a thin layer of the ointment, using clean hands or a cotton swab and let its non-greasy formula work its magic.
  4. Follow usage directions for optimal results.

Dosage: Apply a thin layer of Trrust P-6 Piles Ointment to the affected area after cleansing, following the healthcare provider’s guidance. Use as directed for effective relief from piles discomfort.

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Cream, Ointment

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