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Vyas Panchsakar Churna five-herb Ayurvedic herbal powder with traditional tonic and carminative properties, which is useful in gastrointestinal disorders like gas, indigestion, dyspepsia promotes as well as helps with flatulence. This natural product has proved beneficial in constipation, piles, abdominal pain with a success rate of 80 to 100%. The powder is available in various quantities online for safe hand delivery to the doorstep by ordering through a customer portal.

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Panchsakar Churna is a simple yet priceless combination of herbs that reduces Vata dosha. Contains potent Ayurvedic herbs that have been used to manage digestion since ancient times. Haritaki, fennel, and rock salt stimulate the digestive fire, while cassia aids in the clearing of clogged channels. The harmonizing properties of this herbal powder help regulate waste elimination and improve the health of your small intestines as well as colon as it relieves constipation effectively by improving digestion.

Benefits & Uses

The medical and therapeutic applications of Vyas Panchsakar churna includes:

  1. With its mild laxative effect, it promotes regular bowel motions and easy stool evacuation.
  2. Aids in the relief of chronic constipation, acidity, and a burning feeling while passing stools.
  3. Reduces stomach discomfort, pain, distension, and gas caused by irregular stool evacuation or incorrect bowel motions.
  4. Gets rid of stomach issues
  5. Improves appetite and aids in the treatment of dyspepsia.
  6. Completely safe treatment for constipation and its associated issues such as piles, rheumatic pain, and liver diseases.
  7. Ensures that stools are evacuated on time and avoids the development of hard stools.


  1. Sunthi
  2. Saunf
  3. Sanay Patti
  4. Saindhav Lavan
  5. Chhoti Harad

How to Use & Dosage

  1. The recommended dose is 3-6 gm once a day to be taken with warm water, usually after having meals, or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.
  2. To improve constipation and reduce pile discomfort, take 2-4 g powder two times a day with warm water.
  3. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

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