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Ayurvedic oils, such as Jatyadi and Kasisadi oils, are specifically formulated with natural ingredients such as jayphal, neem, haridra, sesame oil, daru haridra, mulethi etc to promote overall digestive health and provide relief from the symptoms of piles. These oils work due to their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healing, antimicrobial, and cooling properties.

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Being committed to providing high-quality Ayurvedic oils from trusted Ayurvedic companies such as Baidyanath, Dabur, Kamdhenu and Nagarjun, the Jatyadi and Kasisadi oils are fast-acting, safe, effective, and affordable, making them a popular choice among those looking for a natural remedy for piles.

Unlike conventional treatments, Ayurvedic oils are gentle, non-irritating, and free from harsh chemicals, making them a safe and effective option for those who want to avoid harsh chemicals or invasive treatments. These oils can be applied directly to the affected area, making them easy to use and convenient.

The use of Ayurveda oils is an effective alternative to conventional treatments for piles. For mild to moderate cases of piles, a course of Ayurvedic oil treatment may last for several weeks or months, depending on the individual's condition. The oils can be applied topically to the affected area. With their natural ingredients and gentle properties, they can help reduce inflammation, soothe itching and irritation, promote healing, and improve overall digestive health.


Are ayurvedic oils used to treat piles safe to use?

Jatyadi and Kasisadi oils, which are used to cure piles, are usually regarded safe to use. These oils are manufactured from natural components and have been used for years by Ayurvedic practitioners to treat a variety of health issues, including piles.

Are there any side effects of using Ayurvedic oils to treat piles?

Using Ayurvedic oils such as Jatyadi and Kasisadi is generally safe for piles treatment, but there is a slight chance of side effects. Some individuals may feel a burning or stinging sensation during application, particularly if the skin is broken or inflamed. Infrequently, skin irritation or an allergic reaction to the oils' components may occur, leading to redness, itching, or swelling in the treated area. Consult Expert.

How long do I need to use these oils?

The duration of Ayurvedic oil treatment for piles varies according to the severity of the condition and the individual's response. In general, Ayurvedic practitioners advise utilising these oils for at least 2-3 weeks to see noticeable improvements in piles symptoms.

How often should I apply the ayurvedic oils for piles?

In general, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend applying the oil to the affected area 2-3 times a day. Additionally, it's important to use the oils consistently and regularly to achieve the best results.

Can these oils be used in conjunction with other treatments for piles, such as medication or surgery?

Yes, Ayurvedic oils for piles, such as Jatyadi and Kasisadi oils, can be used in conjunction with other treatments for piles, such as medication or surgery. In fact, Ayurvedic oils can be a beneficial complement to conventional treatments, as they can help alleviate symptoms and promote healing.

Do I need to make any dietary or lifestyle changes while using these oils?

Yes, a fiber-rich diet, regular exercise, avoiding straining during bowel movements, and good hygiene practices can help support the effectiveness of Ayurvedic oils for piles and promote overall healing.

How to apply ayurvedic oils to treat piles fast?

To apply Ayurvedic oils for piles treatment, follow these steps:

  • First, clean the affected area with water and dry it with a clean towel.
  • Take a few drops of Ayurvedic oil on your fingertips.
  • Gently apply the oil to the affected area using circular motions.
  • Make sure to cover the entire affected area.
  • Allow the oil to be absorbed by the skin. You can leave it on for a few hours or overnight.
  • If you experience any discomfort or irritation, rinse the area with water and discontinue use. Consult Expert.
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